-Guardianship Program-
We love our dogs and it means everything to us that each of them have wonderful lives in a caring, loving home. Since we are a small, family run business, we cannot house all of our breeding dogs in our home. To give all our parent dogs the best life possible, we feature a guardianship program where we allow some of our parent dogs to leave us and become part of another families home where they can have all the attention and love in the world. 
-Benefits of being a Guardian-
Our guardian program provides the opportunity to have a top of the line companion with the best qualities at a very low cost! We will also cover all the fees to completely health test the puppy at no cost to the guardian! Guardian families get to work with us and become part of our puppy family and experience all the excitement of seeing the beautiful puppies their dog brings into this world! As a special “thank you” for taking such amazing care of our guardian dogs, we give the guardian family $50 per puppy (up to $500 per litter) the female dog has and $50 for each stud use for male dogs. 
-How it works-
When we choose an amazing “pick of the litter” puppy to enter our breeding program, the puppy is placed in its approved guardian home while we retain the ownership and breeding rights. We require a $500 deposit that will be refunded once the breeding contract is fulfilled. The guardian home is responsible for all the day to day care of the dog. This includes routine vet care, grooming, feeding, socialization, training, health, exercise, and flea/tick prevention. The guardian home is responsible for the routine maintenance of the dog, the same as they would owning their own dog. All breeding related health tests and medical costs are paid for by Katie K9. 
The dog will then return back to us when it comes time to breed and whelp litters. 
When it comes time to breed, the females will come to our home during their heat cycle for 1-2 weeks, then return to their guardian home throughout the pregnancy. When it comes time to deliver the puppies, she will return to us again to whelp the puppies until the puppies are weaned (approximately 8 weeks). The guardian family will receive $50 per puppy (up to $500) for each litter she has. Once she has had 4 litters, she will be spayed and retire with her guardian home and forever belong to them! 
Males will return when needed to stud. There will be times when a natural breeding is needed and he will come stay with us for up to 1 week at a time. There will also be times he is needed for AI and will be taken to the vet to have semen collected. The guardian family will receive $50 for each stud use. Once we have determined that he has completed his part in our program, he will be neutered and retire with his guardian family forever! 
We are very selective and only highly qualified families will be approved to be Guardians for our parent dogs. We want the absolute best for them. Some of the basic requirements include…
– Must live within reasonable driving distance of Apollo, PA
– Must have experience with dog ownership
– Must own a home with enclosed fencing
-Must keep dog as an indoor pet and never leave them outside unattended
– Must maintain good communication with Katiek9 and provide regular updates and pictures of the dog throughout the contract period
– Must regularly groom the dog every 12 weeks (depending on the breed)
– Must provide veterinary care and keep vaccinations up to date
-Must have reliable transportation and be available to transfer the dog to Katiek9 when requested for times including, but not limited to social visits, breeding, whelping, health tests and other breeding related activities. 
– Must keep dog away from any unfixed dog of the opposite sex. 
-Must be willing to let us visit your home. 
All the details are clearly laid out in our Guardian Home Contract. If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming a guardian family member for one of our dogs, please email me at KatieK9Training@gmail.com
If at any time we feel that the guardian is not abiding by the rules laid out in the contract, we have the right to reclaim the dog.