Fox Red Labradors, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles in
Apollo, PA and
Riverside, CA

 We are a quality, family breeder of Fox Red Labradors, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles. It is our greatest pleasure to assist you in finding your new fur-ever family member. Each puppy is hand raised and loved by our family before they come to yours. Our goal is for our puppies to be healthy, confident, and eager to please when they go home!


Why Choose Katie K9?

-Small Family Breeder-
We are a small, family breeder that you can trust. We truly care for each and every puppy that we raise. All of our parent dogs are in loving homes, health tested and never over bred. We are proud of the quality and integrity we’ve put into our puppies.
-Raised in a Family Home- 
All puppies are raised in the home by our family with children and other animals. This is so important for puppies to be exposed to normal family life and all the sounds and components that go with it. Our puppies even get to experience farm life with all sorts of smells, sounds and sights that will help socialize and build confidence and security in your puppy. This helps to prepare them for a life full of adventure and curiosity. Puppies who are raised in kennels that are not handled and socialized can miss out on important developmental skills that lead to fear imprinting and will keep them from living a happy, confident and fulfilling  life. 
-Biosensor Routine-
As a dog trainer, I know it is important to give these puppies the best start possible. We utilize the biosensor routine during puppyhood which is scientifically proven to give puppies a stronger immune system, stronger nervous system, stronger heart rate and stronger breathing rate. They are shown to have an increased tolerance to stress, more consistent temperaments and even live a longer life! 
-Health Tested-
All of our puppies come from top of the line parents who are registered and health tested for genetic health risks to ensure quality and health in every puppy. Every parent dog is DNA tested and clear of breed related disease and have OFA and/or Pennhip certified hips and elbows.
– Excellent Health Guarantee-
Every puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee. If you choose to give your puppy NuVet Plus, a high quality dog vitamin which we highly recommend, our guarantee extends to 3 years!